International Journal of Language and Linguistics

Volume 6, Issue 3, May 2018

  • An Investigation of Oral Interaction in English as a Foreign Language Classroom

    Norah Ibrahim Almohizea

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, May 2018
    Pages: 51-60
    Received: 16 March 2018
    Accepted: 11 April 2018
    Published: 21 May 2018
    Abstract: This thesis presents the findings of a study into classroom oral interaction in an EFL class in Saudi Arabia. One teacher was observed while teaching at an EFL private institution in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the study was four-fold: to determine the amount of the L1 (native language) and the TL (target language) used in the classroom; to compar... Show More
  • The English Modal “can” and Its Vietnamese Counterpart “có thể

    To Minh Thanh

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, May 2018
    Pages: 61-69
    Received: 29 March 2018
    Accepted: 2 May 2018
    Published: 2 June 2018
    Abstract: Considering modality as whatever that lies out of the lexis (also called the dictum) of the proposition of a declarative sentence, I have considered the meanings conveyed by the modal verb “ can” as well as its English alternative modal expressions, in comparison with those conveyed by its so-called Vietnamese counterpart “ có thể”, if possible. If... Show More
  • Transitivity Analysis of David Cameron’s Speech in Retaining Scotland

    Zhao Yuqiong, Li Fengjie

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, May 2018
    Pages: 70-79
    Received: 13 April 2018
    Accepted: 8 May 2018
    Published: 4 June 2018
    Abstract: This thesis adopts Systemic-Functional Grammar as its theoretical framework to conduct a transitivity analysis of David Cameron’s speech in retaining Scotland. The aim is to work out the distributions and functions of the transitivity processes and the main participants. To attain this goal, two research questions are proposed. The first one is wha... Show More
  • Linguistic Ecology of North Mara “Languages”: A Comparative Study of Sound System Among the Selected “Languages”

    Boniphace Morango Alphonce

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, May 2018
    Pages: 80-89
    Received: 9 May 2018
    Accepted: 25 May 2018
    Published: 12 June 2018
    Abstract: Language sounds are sounds which construct meaningful phrases in languages. Although human beings produce many sounds of different types, human language uses only a certain number and types of sounds. Sounds of languages are of two types; either consonants or vowels due to articulatory system. The studied North Mara “languages” are Kurya, Simbiti, ... Show More
  • The English Speech of Francophone Primary School Teachers and Cours Moyen Deux (CM2) Pupils in Cameroon

    Jean-Paul Kouega, Emmanuel Ombouda Onana

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 3, May 2018
    Pages: 90-100
    Received: 5 May 2018
    Accepted: 28 May 2018
    Published: 19 June 2018
    Abstract: This paper examines the English spoken productions of primary school teachers and their graduating pupils in Cameroon, with the aim of checking how much English is learnt by the time the primary child moves to the secondary education level. The data came from classroom observations, tape-recording of lessons as they were taught and a spoken perform... Show More