International Journal of Language and Linguistics

Volume 10, Issue 5, September 2022

  • A Shift Towards Politeness in Doctor-Patient Consultation: A Case Study in Australia

    Thanh Nga Nguyen

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 5, September 2022
    Pages: 275-287
    Received: 10 August 2022
    Accepted: 3 September 2022
    Published: 14 September 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijll.20221005.11
    Abstract: This paper includes a detailed analysis of a consultation between a general practitioner and his male patient in a Canberra suburb. This study illustrates the shift toward a model of patient-centeredness which is applaused in Australia. The purpose of this study is not only to reinforce the new concept of medical consultation – patient-centeredness... Show More
  • Construction of Advanced Listening and Speaking Course from the Perspective of Educational Ecology

    Ying Liao, Li Chen, Na Yang

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 5, September 2022
    Pages: 288-296
    Received: 22 August 2022
    Accepted: 6 September 2022
    Published: 16 September 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijll.20221005.12
    Abstract: The College English Teaching Guidelines (2020) (a guide for ordinary colleges and universities to formulate college English teaching syllabuses, and the main basis of English course teaching and course evaluation) offers new requirements for college English teaching. Advanced Listening and Speaking, as one essential optional course in the College E... Show More
  • Perceptions of Pre-service Teachers’ in Developing Reading Comprehension Through Critical Reading Skills

    Purna Bahadur Kadel

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 5, September 2022
    Pages: 297-301
    Received: 28 August 2022
    Accepted: 14 September 2022
    Published: 27 September 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijll.20221005.13
    Abstract: This study is an attempt to explore the perceptions of pre-service teachers in developing reading comprehension through critical reading skills. The reason behind carrying out this research is that the most of pre-service teachers are very poor in critical reading skills. They are not critical enough to comprehend the underlying meaning of the text... Show More
  • Crumbling Gingerbread Lovers: Reading the Female Aphasia in Hans Christian Andersen’s “Under the Willow-Tree”

    Lu Xingyu

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 5, September 2022
    Pages: 302-305
    Received: 19 August 2022
    Accepted: 29 September 2022
    Published: 18 October 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijll.20221005.14
    Abstract: “Aphasia” is originally defined as the loss of ability to articulate words or comprehend language, but after its introduction into literary criticism, it is usually correlated to women’s impediment to speech due to social deprival. In his “Under the Willow-Tree”, Hans Christian Andersen depicts the heroine Joanna as a “female aphasia”. This paper a... Show More
  • Regeneration from Plague: Analysis of Trauma Narrative in The Painted Veil

    Yan Jun

    Issue: Volume 10, Issue 5, September 2022
    Pages: 306-310
    Received: 8 September 2022
    Accepted: 4 October 2022
    Published: 18 October 2022
    DOI: 10.11648/j.ijll.20221005.15
    Abstract: The Painted Veil is a work with the emotional entanglement of the couple, Kitty Garstin and her husband Walter Fane, as the main clue, which mainly depicts Kitty’s regeneration from the plague based on trauma. Born in a middle class family, Kitty’s mother forced her to make the most of marriage to enter the upper class, which caused her trauma in t... Show More